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i still think about these so much

Q: So snoop can put on white face and it's hilarious, but if a white person did the same thing, you'd be in rage... Kind of hypocritical?



I was waiting for someone to say something like this. God, can you not? It is too early/late(it is 3 something in the morning here) for this shit but I guess I will try to answer your question.

Black face started in a time when black people were considered to be less than human. It originated when white people were still allowed to own black people. It was used to dehumanize, belittle, & make fun of black people who were perceived to be “less thanwhite people—the dominant and privileged group. Black face was done as a caricature of black people. It influenced how audiences saw black people at the time & today it is used to try to reinforce stereotypes of black people. 

White face" not so much. White face is not used to dehumanize or to show white people as being "less than". White face doesn’t have an extremely detrimental effect on how the world sees white people but guess what…black face, historically & today is used to belittle & stereotype black people. What demeaning aspect did you see from Snoop in that video or the photos that have been going around? What stereotype did you see? How did he personally change they way ANYONE looks at a white people?

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